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Auburn University laid its foundational stone in 1856 and has now developed into one of the most impactful universities in the South:

For more than 160 years, Auburn University has prepared and inspired a new generation of students to be the difference maker in their professions, their communities and beyond.

To serve adult learners, the Auburn University Office of Professional and Continuing Education has introduced career-focused bootcamps in software engineering and UI/UX Design. The flexibility of a 100% online format allows you to develop skills for a new or progressed career while also balancing your full-time job or personal obligations.

Auburn University Campus

Key highlights of our bootcamps 

  • Self-paced courses on in-demand career opportunities.

  • Hours of industry-focused curriculum.

  • Get regular 1:1 guidance from industry veterans.

  • Complete capstone projects that prove your skills.

  • Hands-on support from our coaches to help you prepare for job interviews.

  • Certificate of completion and digital badge from Auburn University.

Experience 1:1 support from a curated team of experts

Making a career change requires determination and persistence. During our online bootcamps, your support team helps you identify your learning and career goals and take measured steps toward them. 

  • Career advisor: Your student advisor gets you set up for success; they will answer your questions, match you with a mentor and help you along the way. 

  • Personal expert mentor: Meet regularly in 1-on-1 calls with your mentors who are from the likes of Google, Amazon, Microsoft and more. They are industry experts and are ready to provide feedback on projects, answer questions and help address any blockers in your learning path.

  • Career coach: Depending on your career plans, your career coach can assist in many ways, from refining your resume to providing networking tips. 

  • Online community: Network with students, share triumphs and trials, get feedback and attend weekly, live Office Hours with a community of online bootcamp learners.

Learn with an industry expert in your corner

Learning with an industry expert in a bootcamp can provide students with valuable knowledge, skills and connections that can help them succeed in their chosen field. Having a dedicated mentor will help you build your skills faster and advance your personal growth.

Meet some of our mentors:

Peter Nsaka
Software Engineer
Angelo Lo Presti
Sr Product, UI/UX Designer
Skye Nguyen
Sr Software Engineer
Meg Clayton
Sr UX Designer

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